Tariel Writes a Letter and Sends
a Man to the Khatavians
"I SENT a man to Khataet'hi and a letter from me; I
wrote: "The king of the Indians is of a truth powerful from
God; every hungry soul of those faithful to him is sated;
whosoever is disobedient will have himself to blame.
'"BROTHER and lord, by you we will not be embittered.
When you see this command wend hither; if you come not
we shall come; we will not steal upon you. It is better you
should come to us, spill not your own blood.'
"I SENT the man, I gave my heart up yet more to
rejoicing, I made merry at court; the fire unbearable in its
burning was extinguished. Then the world. Fate, gave me
lavishly what I desired; now I am mad, so that I annoy
even the wild beasts if I approach them.
"AT first the plan of roaming, then reason soothed me.
I feasted with my comrades, but the greatness of desires
hindered me from joy; sometimes they filled me with
melancholy, I uttered curses against Fate."