The Letter Written by the King of 
the Khatavians in Answer to Tariel
"HE wrote: 'I, Ramaz the king, write a letter to thee,
Tariel. I marvelled at what was written in the letter penned
by thee. How dost thou summon thither me who am lord
over many peoples! I will look at no other letter which
comes from thee.'
"I COMMANDED the soldiers to be summoned; I sent
forth the Lord of the Marches. They gathered together the
armies of India more numerous than the stars, from near
and far all hastened towards me, plain, rock and waste
were altogether filled with soldiers.
"THEY came swiftly; they made no tarrying at home. I
held a review; the good order of the troops pleased me—their
alertness and valour, beautifully drawn up in squadrons, the
speed of their steeds, their Khvarazmian1 armour.
"I RAISED the royal standard with flag of red and black.
I commanded the countless troops to set out in the morning.
I myself wept, I mourned exceedingly my evil fate: 'If I see
not the sun I know not how I can ever depart.'
"I WENT in. The sadness of my pensive heart was
increased unto me; burning tears welled forth from mine
eyes like a pool. 'My luckless fate,' said I, 'has never yet
ruled. Why did my hand lay hold of the rose since thus it
could not cull it!"
1 Khvarazmia, the Khanate of Khiva.