Letter of Nestan-Daredjan Written to Her Beloved
"SHE gave me a letter, I gazed on it; it was from the
light of the face of the lands. She wrote: 'I have
the loveliness of thy gem-like brilliancy; fair wert thou
returned from battle, after urging on thy horse; not ill
seems to me the cause of the flow of my tears.
"IF God hath given me my tongue it befits me to use
it for thy praise; dead for thy sake I can by no means
speak, for lacking thee I die. The sun made a little garden
of rose and jet, as a garden for the lion; by thy sun, my
self pertains to none save thee.
"THOUGH thou hast shed a stream of tears yet have they
not flowed in vain; henceforth weep no more, put away
grief from thee. Those who look upon thee curse
unrestrained those who look upon me. Veil me with that
which but now was bound round thee.
"GIVE me the veils that sometime adorned thee; when
thou seest me, thou also shalt be pleased that that which
is thine adorns me. Bind on thine arm this bracelet if thou
honourest what is mine, and such another night thou
shalt not pass as long as thou livest."