Tariel’s Weeping and Fainting
HERE Tariel become like a wild beast, weeps, his grief
increases a thousandfold; he said: "I have the armlet which
she formerly bound on her arm!" He undid it, took it off,
man cannot estimate its worth, he pressed it to his lips, he
swooned and fell like a corpse.
He lay more lifeless than a corpse at the door of the tomb.
On both sides are seen bruises from his fist which he had
struck on his breast. A stream of blood flows from
Asmat'h's scratched cheeks; she poured water on him
again, she succoured him, the sound of gurgling water is
heard there.
AVTHANDIL, too, sighed bitterly; he gazed on the
unconscious form. Asmat'h multiplied her groans; her tears
hollowed out the stones. Then she restored him to
consciousness, his fires she quenched with water; he said:
"I live; this passing world even now is drinking my blood."
PALE he sat up, he stared with his eyes like one dazed;
the rose was become quite saffron and wan; a long time he
neither spoke nor looked at them; he was mightily oppressed
that he remained alive and died not.
HE said to Avt'handil: "Hearken! Though I have the mind
of a madman, I will tell thee my tale and that of her who
has buried me. It seems to me a joy to meet the friend
thou hast not met. It surprises me that I am alive, that I
survive hale.
"THE sight of Asmat'h, in whom I trusted as in a sister,
pleased me. When I had seen the letter, she gave me this
armlet, I bound it on mine arm at once, I doffed from my
head that strange and rare thing of some strong, black stuff,
the veil."