Tariel's Letter in Answer to his Beloved
"I WROTE: 'O sun! thy ray beaming forth from thee
struck my heart; my alertness and boldness are brought
to nought; mad for thee, I have perceived thy beauty and
loveliness; with what service can I pay thee in exchange for
"THEN when thou didst make me to survive and sufferedst
me not to be wholly sundered from life, now this time I
compare with that time. I have received thine armlet; I
have bound it round mine arm. How can I show my joy as
much as is fitting ?
"OF a truth I offer thee, lo! the veil which thou
demandest; also a cloak, of the same stuff, the like of which
thou wilt not find. Leave me not to swoon, help me, succour
me, come! Whom can I submit to in this world save thee ?'
"THE maid arose and forsook me. I lay down and fell
pleasantly asleep, but I shivered, I saw my beloved in my
sleep; I awoke, I had her no more, life was a burden to me:
thus I passed the night, I heard not her voice."