P'hatman Becomes Enamoured of Avt'handil:
Writes Him a Letter and Sends It
BETTER, for him who can bear it, is aloofness from
woman; she plays with thee and pleases thee, she wins thee
over and trusts thee; but in a trice she betrays thee, she
cuts whatever pierces; so a secret should never be told to
a woman.
DESIRE of Avt'handil went into the heart of Dame
P'hatman, love grew from more to more, it burned her like
fire, she essayed to conceal it, but could not hide her woes,
she said: "What am I to do, what will avail me ?" She
rained, she poured forth tears.
"If I tell him this, alas! he will be worth, even the sight of
him will become rare to me; if I tell him not, I cannot
endure it, the fire will become more intense. I will speak,
let me die or live, let one or other be my lot! How can the
physician cure him who tells not what hurts him ?"
SHE wrote a piteous letter to be presented to that youth
concerning her love, revealing her sufferings, moving and
shaking the listeners' heart, a letter to be kept, not to be
idly torn up.