The Letter Written by Nestan-Daredjan to P'hatman
THE sun-faced writes; "0 dame, 0 mother, better than a
mother to me! See what the world hath done to me, its
thrall! Alas! there is added to those griefs of mine still
another! Now that I have seen thy missive it hath greatly
encouraged me.
"THOU didst save me from two sorcerers; thou didst
alleviate my woes. Now I am thus held here by the whole
force of the Kadjis; a whole realm, many thousand heroes,
guard me alone. I'll befell me, my counsels and resolves.
"WHAT other tidings hence can I write to thee? The Queen
of the Kadjis is not come, nor will the Kadjis yet come; but
countless hosts guard me, and with what bravery! What!
the quest for me! It is not possible, believe me!
"WHOEVER is come seeking me is wearied in vain; he
suffers, he is consumed, he is kindled for me, a flame like
fire burns him. But I envy him, he hath seen the sun, thus
is he not frozen. Without him, alas! what great pity my
life is!
"FORMERLY I told thee not my story, I hid it from thee
for that my tongue could not speak it; I spared myself
woes. I entreat thee, beg my beloved to have pity and not
come in search of me, write to him, send him a message.
"WHAT afflicts me is enough, let him not slay me with a
woe equal to this: I should see him a corpse, I should die a
double death. None can help me, I know this for a truth;
this is no gossip. If he will not hearken to thee, stone me
with a heap of black stone!
"THOU didst ask me to send a token, show this: I send
a cutting from the veils he gave me; these veils for his sake
are a fair sight to me, though in colour they are black, like
my Fate."