P’HRIDON said: "I will speak a word, I think I am not at
fault: We are few, the city is only expungable by many; we
have not strength for a direct attack – this is no time for
boasting – in a thousand years we could not anywhere win
in if they shut the gate against us.
IN my childhood my tutors instructed me in rope dancing,
they taught me tricks, they made me leap, they
trained me, I used to go along a rope so that eyes could not
follow me; whatever little boys looked at me they also
desired to do it.
NOW, whichever of you knows best how to cast a noose,
let us throw the end of a long rope to that tower, it seems
as easy for me to cross as a field; I shall make it a trouble
to you to find a sound man inside.
TO me it seems nought to cross in armour, no trouble
to bear a shield; nimbly shall I leap down inside, strike
like a wind, slay the soldiers; I shall open, you will see the
opening of the gate, you too come thither where you hear
the uproar of alarm."