The Counsel of Avt’handil
AVT'HANDIL said: "Ha, P'hridon! friends cannot
complain of thee; thou hast hope in thy lion-like arms,
wounds hurt not thee; thou counsellest hard counsel to
make foes lament; but hearest thou not how very near the
garrison shouts!
"WHEN thou goest over, the garrison will hear the
clatter of thine armour, they will perceive thee, they will
cut the cord, of this thou must be assured. Everything will
turn out ill for thee; only the vain attempt will remain to
thee. That counsel is of no value; let us help ourselves in
some other way.
"THIS is better; you stay hidden in ambush. These men
will not lay hands on a traveller coming into the town. I
will dress myself as a merchant, I will do a treacherous
deed; I will load a mule with helmet, hauberk and sword.
"IT is of no use for the three of us to go in, there is risk
that they would perceive it; I shall go alone as a merchant,
and well shall I win in unnoticed; secretly shall I don
mine armour, I shall appear, I shall deceive them. God
grant that I may make channels of blood to flow generously
in there!
"WITHOUT any difficulty I shall remove the guards inside;
you strike outside the gate, all like heroes; I shall shatter
the locks, I shall open, stone and mortar will not stop me. If
aught else would he better, say so; I am for a plan of this