The Counsel of Tariel
TARIEL said: "I recognize your heroism exceeding that
of heroes; your counsel and advice is like your own
stout-heartedness; I know you desire fierce fight, not a vain
brandishing of swords, when the battle becomes perilous
then are ye men.
"BUT let me too have some choice in the matter. The
sound will be heard by her who maddens me; like the sun
she will be standing aloft; you will have fierce fight, she
will see me as a non-combatant! This will be a slur on me.
Nay, speak no flattering words!
"BETTER than that counsel is this-let us do as I say:
Let us divide the men by hundreds; when night turns to
dawn let the three of us start out from three places,
swiftly let us urge on our horses; they will send out to
encounter us, we shall seem insignificant to them, we shall
lend a powerful palm to the sword.
"SWIFTLY shall we engage them, we shall get round them;
they will not be able to shut the gates against us; one of
the three will go in, the others from outside will strike the 
foe that is outside; that one who is inside will fall on those 
within, making their blood now; again let us lay hold of the 
arms mightily used by us!"
P'HRIDON said: "I understand, I perceive, I know what it
Is. None could forestall at the gates that horse that once
was min. when I gave it I knew not that we should want
to mount guard over the Kadjis in Kadjet'hi; if so, I tell
thee I would by no means have given it to thee, such is
mine avarice!"
P'HRIDON, the gay, jests with such discourse as this;
thereupon they, the eloquent, wise-worded ones, laugh, they
joke one with another, with merriment beseeming them.
They dismounted and arrayed themselves; they mounted
their excellent steeds.
AGAIN they interchanged words, not tart to the mouth.
They resolved on that plan proposed by Tariel. They
divided among them by hundreds the men, all equal to
heroes. They mounted their horses; they covered their
heads with their helmets.