Story of Rostevan, King of the Arabians

3 King Rostevan and Avt'handil Go Hunting
4 How the King of the Arabians Saw the Knight Clad in the Tiger Skin
5 T'hinat'hin Sends Avt'handil to Find the Knight
6 Avt'handil's Letter to His Vassals
7 Avt'handil Sets Forth in Quest of the Knight
8 Avt'handil's Tale as Told to Asmat'h in the Cave
9 The Meeting of Tariel and Avt'handil
10 The Telling of His Tale by Tariel When He First Told It to Avt'handil
11 Tariel Tells the Tale of His Falling in Love When He First Fell in Love
12 First Letter Written by Nestan-Daredjan to Her Lover
13 First Letter Written by Tariel to His Beloved
14 Tariel Writes a Letter and Sends a Man to the Khatavians
15 Nestan Summons Tariel to Her
16 The Letter Written by the King of the Khatavians in Answer to Tariel
17 The Meeting of Tariel and Nestan
18 Tariel's Departure for Khataet'hi and Great Battles
19 Letter of Tariel to the King of the Indians When He Triumphed Over the Khatavians
20 Letter of Nestan-Daredjan Written to Her Beloved
21 Tariel's Weeping and Fainting
22 Tariel's Letter in Answer to His Beloved
23 Counsel About Nestan-Daredjan's Marriage
24 Counsel Between Tariel and Nestan-Daredjan and Its Results
25 The Coming to India of Khvarazmsha's Son and His Slaying by Tariel
26 Tariel Hears Tidings of the Loss of Nestan-Daredjan
27 The Story of Nuradin-P'hridon When Tariel Met Himon the Seashore
28 Tariel's Aid to P'hridon, and Their Victory OverTheir Foes
29 P'hridon Tells Tariel Tidings of Nestan-Daredjan
30 The Story of Avt'handiPs Return to Arabia After He Had Found and Parted From Tariel
31 Avt'handiPs Request to King Rostevan, and the Vizier
32 Avt'handiPs Discourse With Shermadin When He Stole Away
33 The Testament of Avt'handil to King Rostevan When He Stole Away
34 Avt'handils Prayer and His Flight
35 King Rostevan Hears of Avt'handils Secret Flight
36 Avt'handils Second Departure and Meeting with Tariel
37 Avt'handil Comes Upon the Unconscious Tariel
38 Tariel Tells of the Killing of the Lion and the Tiger
39 Here Is the Going of Tariel and Avt'handil tothe Cave and Their Seeing of Asmat'h
40 Of the Going of Avt'handil to P'hridon's When He Met Him at Mulghazanzar
41 Of Avt'handils Going to P'hridon's When He Parted From Tariel
42 Avt'handils Departure From P'hridon to Seek Nestan-Daredjan
43 The Story of Avt'handils Arrival in Gulansharo
44 Avt'handils Arrival at P'hatman's; Her Reception of Him and Her Joy
45 P'hatman Becomes Enamoured of Avt'handil; Writes Him a Letter and Sends It
46 The Letter of Love Written by P'hatman to Avt'handil
47 Avt'handil's Letter in Answer to P'hatman's
48 Here Is the Slaying of the Chachnagir and His Two Guards by Avt'handil
49 P'hatman Tells Avt'handil the Story of Nestan-Daredjan
50 The Story of the Capture of Nestan-Daredj an by the Kadjis, Told by P'hatman to Avt'handil
51 The Letter Written by P'hatman to Nestan-Daredjan
52 The Letter Written by Nestan-Daredjan to P'hatman
53 The Letter Written by Nestan-Daredjan to Her Beloved
54 Avt'handil's Letter to P'hridon
55 Avt'handil's Departure from Gulansharo and His Meeting With Tariel
56 Tariel and Avt'handil Go to P'hridon
57 The Counsel of Nuradin-P'hridon
58 The Counsel of Avt'handil
59 The Counsel of Tariel
60 The Taking of the Castle of Kadjet'hi and the Saving of Nestan-Daredjan
61 The Going of Tariel to the King of the Seas
62 The Wedding of Tariel and Nestan by P'hridon
63 Tariel Goes Again to the Cave and Sees the Treasure
64 Here Is the Marriage of Avt'handil andT'hinat'hin by the King of the Arabs
65 Tariel Hears About the Death of the King of India
66 The Arrival of Tariel in India and His Conquest of the Khatavians
67 The Wedding of Tariel and Nestan-Daredjan
68 Epilogue